Stopping a Killer

One of the most prolific killers that the world had ever seen was on the run. Three men - Banting, Best and Collip - had devoted their lives to stopping the carnage. They had followed every clue and chased every lead in their relentless pursuit of this monster and their journey led them now to a large open ward in Toronto General Hospital. The room was filled with children, pale and emaciated from their starvation diets. Three quarters of them were comatose. It was January 23rd and if the trio didn’t act quickly, a dozen more victims could be added to the list by day’s end.

Banting, Best and Collip entered the ward with some nervousness and apprehension. There was a buzz in the air. They had been here just twelve days before and confronted the killer face to face. The enemy was left wounded after the scuffle but no arrest was made. The three men learned from their experience though and weren’t about to give up. Not when they were so close. They gave each other quick nods and walked side by side by side towards the first bed where 14 year old Leonard Thompson saw them approaching and allowed a smile. He was propped up and waiting for them, the sleeve of his gown rolled up and ready for another injection of those mysterious little crystals.

Within minutes, it was apparent to the doctors that Leonard’s diabetic symptoms were fading. They quickly began going from bed to bed administering miracles to each child, pardoning their death sentences one by one. Before they reached the last row of children, the first ones were already coming out of their comas.

Banting, Best and Collip then sold their patent on insulin to Toronto General Hospital for the princely sum of $1.

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