E Mare Libertas

Prince Roy and his beautiful wife surveyed their island fortress. It wasn’t much to look at but it was the heart of their Principality. For the time being, it was still called Roughs Tower, the second in the line of sea forts to fall to the Prince. He had taken Fort Knock John without a single fatality two years earlier in his rise to power, but Roughs Tower was special. Without it, the Prince may never have realized his dream of ascending to the throne. He would defend it in honor and to his death if need be.

The pair climbed to the top of the western wall and looked out over the North Sea. The enemy ships were within range. They were about to take on the powerful might of the British Navy.

A pair of canon blasts shook the floor beneath their feet.

“We can’t hold them off!” Joan cried.

“We have to, my love! Stand by me, the nation depends upon it! This is our test!” Roy implored, “Have faith!”

The shots flew across the bow of the RMA Golden Eye and two enormous white plumes spat up from the chilly water. The men aboard the Golden Eye scrambled below decks and the vessel suddenly turned hard to starboard and made way for the shelter of English waters.

Excited shouts came from the artillerymen, “They’re fleeing!”

“You see, my love?” Roy said to his princess, “We are here to stay!”

Over the next several decades, Prince Roy and Princess Joan would face down the standard array of intrigues that determined royal couples throughout history have always faced – wars, skirmishes, disasters, treason, kidnappings, diplomatic stand-offs, and competing bloodlines. But the Constitution of the Principality of Sealand that was established on September 25th, 1975 still stands to this day.

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