The Cosmic Conspiracy

Trudy Truelove. That was truly her name. What a name. She was Jim’s girl, in Roswell on July 2nd, 1947, anyway.

The couple reclined in the bed of Jim’s pickup some 35 miles north of town, giggling and kissing. A collection of empty beer bottles lay on the ground and bits of clothing were hanging randomly about; a shirt draped over the tailgate, a sock balancing on the mirror, a bra clinging precariously to a branch above them.

On the horizon, lightning flashed.

Trudy sat up and inhaled the ozone as the wind suddenly whooshed down from the sky.

“Jim, we better get the tent up before the weather sets in.”

Jim grunted and gently pulled at Trudy’s wrist, inviting her to lie back down.

“Sweetie, I’m serious!”

With a smiling sigh, Jim got to his feet. A long groan of thunder echoed through the hills and a streak of light unexpectedly caught his eye.

“Look at that!”

Trudy looked up just in time to see a fiery disk whiz overhead at a tremendous speed. A loud clap accompanied its disappearance over the ridge a mile or so away.

The lovers quickly dressed and sped off to investigate the crash-site of the flying saucer.

What followed proved to be a tangled web of deceit, fraud, and cover-ups. The government tends to be the usual suspect in these types of cases, but in this particular case the web was especially spun by the “witnesses.” (This version of) the story of Jim Ragsdale and the stories of nearly every single participant in what has become the colossus of all conspiracy theories don’t hold up to competing and contrary facts.

But that has never stopped man from believing, once he’s set his mind to it... or if there’s a dollar to be made.


Prixie said...

I thought about your blog last night because I could fall asleep easily. I have decided to randomly pick a picture from the newspaper and scribble down 300 words. I can hopefully do that once a month!

I love Trudy Truelove's name. So awesome!

cyurkanin said...

That's a great idea! I think everyone should try to write regularly, it helps in so many other areas of life, even if you're just a hack like me! And yes, Trudy Truelove has to be one of the all time greatest names, fit for a femme fatale.

Dr. Rob Rob said...

A little part of me (the child) wants the UFO crash at Roswell to be true but a badly made weather balloon, with a rubbish listening device is so much more plausible. I'm sure Trudy and Jim have done nicely out of their tale.

cyurkanin said...

Me too, Dr Rob. I remember being a kid and Stanton Friedman's book came out that opened the whole thing up after 30 years of silence. I was deflated a bit as I learned of the dubiousness of it. And as far as Trudy Truelove goes, she didn't do so well - crashed into a concrete barrier a few months later and died; all of the supposed "alien artifacts" she'd kept in the trunk mysteriously disappeared afterward...