Here's a Hint

I'll be back with another story next week but I'm surprised no one has guessed from what great TV show that hotel is from.  Here's another hint:


Prixie said...

I had to google info on it. The Lost Room? I have never seen it, but it looks like something I will enjoy. I don't think the show was ever syndicated to SA. Do I still get my points? ;p

cyurkanin said...

Bingo, Prixie! Nothing like google, huh? LOL You get the points and the honor of being the first Three Hundred Words contest winner :) You should check it out if you can find it, it's a very very clever mini-series and a good commentary on man's self-destructive need to acquire useless "stuff."

Prixie said...

Yay! I feel very honoured!

I will try to find this TV series.