Folie à Deux

They were sisters. All the things that sisters shared, the secrets, the crushes, the dreams, and worries, they shared too. But Sabina and Ursula were not just sisters, they were identical twins. All of their experiences, they shared from the womb.

When they fed, they shared their mother’s milk. And when she died, they shared each other’s tears.

When their father would come home drunk and angry, they’d share the hiding space in the attic.

At school, they shared their lunch. And their homework. They shared a love for sports. And when teased by bullies because of their poverty, they shared their ears and shoulders and hearts.
But, as happens in life, they grew up. And soon, Ursula met a man she fell in love with. An American. She married and moved to the United States and left her sister in Sweden.

They stayed in touch though, almost every day. Still best friends for life.
On May 17, 2008, Sabina and Ursula were reunited on a rather spur of the moment meeting in London. And they were sharing again.

This time though, they were sharing symptoms.
Irritability. Nonsensical speech. Irrational fear. Confabulations and hallucinations.

So when Ursula ran out into the highway and jumped in front of a speeding truck, it was only natural that Sabina would follow suit and dive into the path of an oncoming car. A case of emotional contagion is the explanation. Perhaps.
But that doesn’t explain how the sisters not only survived the violent collisions but continued to viciously fight off rescuers until they were subdued by a half dozen police and bystanders. Nor does it explain how Sabina survived a 40’ jump from an overpass the next day after murdering a sympathetic Samaritan.

The Eriksson sisters, the police, and the courts still refuse comment.


cyurkanin said...

I highly recommend watching the linked video, but with caution. It's a riveting documentary of the incident but has some disturbing content.

Sandra said...

Bizarre bizarre, but fascinating!

cyurkanin said...

Thanks Sandra! It really is, and welcome :)

TH2 said...

Watched the documentary. Quite intriguing.

Perhaps a case that would have been of interest to Malachi Martin.

cyurkanin said...

That was my first thought too, Hunter. It's hard to tell just what has been exaggerated and what is real in this. One thing that is evident in all of this though is that the English police officers involved are the most useless and ill-trained group of idiots that you'll come across.

TH2 said...

Yes, too surreal of a situation and I quickly had a hint of the preternatural.

The police, I agree, fared poorly. The blaring fact of the bizarre mayhem on the highway - you would reasonably think - might give pause to those responsible for her release so quickly.