A Ruse by Any Other Name

He was a simple farmer. But his involvement in anti-government activities was well-known by the authorities so when they picked him up and delivered him to the detention center he was not in the least surprised. What did surprise him however, as his eyelids suddenly grew heavy, was the large syringe full of sedative that they delivered into his neck.

He didn’t wake when they dressed him in a Polish army uniform and tossed him in the back of a truck that rumbled 500 miles through the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and onwards to Upper Silesia, arriving at the small town of Gleiwitz, just four miles from the Polish border. He didn’t wake either when he was dragged into the control room of the radio station or when the announcer uttered his famous nine words, “Uwage! Tu Gliwice. Rozglosnia znajduje sie w rekach Polskich.” And we can hope Franciszek Honiok didn’t wake when they emptied a revolver into head and placed blame upon him for the beginning of World War II:
This night for the first time, Polish regular soldiers fired on our territory. Since 5.45 A.M. we have been returning the fire, and from now on bombs will be met by bombs… I will continue this struggle, no matter against whom, until the safety of the Reich and its rights are secured.”

Though Hitler had already negated the non-aggression agreement with Poland he still needed this part of Operation Himmler to provide the world his casus belli. “Its credibility doesn't matter,” he told his Generals on August 22, 1939, “the victor will not be asked whether he told the truth."
The Third Reich didn’t invent False Flag scenarios and in fact they’ve always been used by a host of self-serving villainous entities, great and small, with varying success.


Pennyyak Harper said...

I wondered for a second or two if Colin Powell had once been a simple farmer. Guess not.

cyurkanin said...

The world would be much better off if there were more simple farmers than the despicable people that gravitate to our governments.